Surffilautailija järvellä.


For us at Laavu, experiences are important, both in everyday life and in our leisure time. Experiences are just around the corner, such as our numerous folk parks at or our wide and interesting range of museums at For a cultural experience, you can enjoy for example, theatres and concerts. Experiences not only bring us joy but also teach us new things. Discover guided tours, excursions and other activities organised by sustainable tourism professionals.

Properly implemented, activites are part of responsible business. This creates economic prosperity for local people and does not place an undue burden on our natural environment.

Choose responsibly and enjoy!

Hunter of the North

Hunter of the North focuses on providing authentic, local experiences and flavours. Our passions are hunting, fishing and cooking. Our experiences always include local storytelling

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Ilmakuva särkänniemestä.


Särkänniemi is a place of joy and experiences. Responsibility is one of Särkänniemi´s most important values and built into the bedrock of Särkänniemi. In Särkännäniemi´s

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Hetan kota talvella.

Hetan Kota

Hetan Kota is homelike destination which offers individual accommodations for different kind of groups, families and friends. We are located in vicinity of 4 national

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